Step into the infinite potential 
 Make your impossible,                
 MAKE YOUR IMPOSSIBLE,                


To unlock your highest potential...
To fully express yourself without limits...
To feel unshakeable self-confidence...

And blow your own mind with
what is possible when you do?


You deserve to wake up every day flooded with exponential wealth, pleasure, enjoyment and connection –

Proud of the life you've created.


You're worth it. You deserve it. And you only get one precious life.
Your joy and magic start NOW.

… Waiting until you reach a certain point.
… Holding back until you've done the healing.
… Hustling to reach the next income level.
… Killing time until the perfect moment.

What if your story started at your WILDEST desire?

This relentless cycle of living to conditions, restrictions and limitations is holding you back from your biggest results. 

Your highest income.
Your most authentic expression.
Your deepest impact.

There is another way.
But it's up to you to choose to.

 When you set aside time to dig beneath the surface, to get uncomfortable, to listen to the inner wisdom and feel your fears, you connect to the ideas and visions hidden beneath the surface. You tap into your...

Claim the powerhouse goddess that you are.

"I  can change the fucking world" power.

clients have







Love Notes

“This retreat was beyond all expectations. It was magical and transformative and powerful. The woman who attended were amazing and the community component was so beautifully woven throughout the event. There was immediate sisterhood. I definitely left a different person. I would highly recommend.”

rachel burch

“The retreat with Jaime was a life-changing experience that I almost cannot put into words. I went not knowing why I was going, but I needed clarity and direction and support ie magic. I felt more supported than ever there, between activities, alone time, relaxation, and new friendships. 10/10 recommend.

Misha Khona

“Its hard to put into words but this retreat changed me. I feel like I didn't know or trust myself before and now I feel now I can walk in my own power and strength,knowing what that looks like for me."

Amira olive

You call the shots.

Where you can dial into a network of brave souls
who won't settle for anything but mastery. 

One where everything you've ever dreamed of (and more) is possible –
without the hustle, overwhelm and second-guessing.

Where you are held, seen, and activated.

Where you step into your power and become the
business owner, wife, mother, woman, who is just getting started.

And this is all possible.


Are you ready to make your dream life a reality?

Claim a seat at the table of ever-expanding possibility

An Energetic Master, Soul Seer & Shamanic Healer for 6 and 7-figure earners on a transformative journey to be seen as industry leaders and unlock their next level of expansion in their business and personal life.

Before I was a healer, I navigated the overwhelm of corporate life as an engineer, the abuse of my former husband and survived my own deathbed experience.

Through in-person retreats, clients receive a life-changing combination of energetics, healing, exploration, and magic to transcend limitations.

It's my PURPOSE to guide you to step back, gain a new perspective and live the life of your dreams with the world as your catalyst.

Through a powerful combination of energetics, healing, manifestation and magic I help clients embody their mastery, activate their gifts and regulate their nervous system so they can expand their capacity, unlock their highest potential and experience infinite possibility without burnout, overwhelm and frustration.

My spiritual gifts and energetic mastery allows my clients to  exponentially manifest the life of their dreams in a fast, yet sustainable way. Some of my client results include having TEDX talks go viral, publishing NY Times Best Seller Books, banking 100k+ Cash Months, manifesting houses, cars, soulmate partners, TV Appearances, pregnancies and so much more.

I have navigated through the overwhelm of corporate life as an  engineer, the abuse of my former husband and survived my own death bed experience by holding the duality of suffering and thriving; and being my own authority while leveraging my power.

Now as a dog mom to Koda and a successful entrepreneur I love to travel the world, experiencing different cultures, vegan cuisine and reality tv (shh… haha)!

I’m Jaime Pallotolo


Quantum Queens
Spain Retreat

May 2nd-9th, 2025

Queen, You’re Invited To

Leave the logistics to us, we cater to YOU

A luxurious, fully-catered retreat where you will dive headfirst into the sights, sounds, and experiences of this magical and vibrant country, all while forming a sisterhood that'll last a lifetime. You’re the priority now.

*Only 8 Spaces Available. Reserve your spot now to avoid disappointment.

More Love Notes

“Jaime's Retreat was nothing short of transformational at a cellular level.  She has the most masterful and compassionate way of healing deep seeded wounds that are holding you back from living the life you want now"

- Yaritza Marie

“Crystal clear clarity. Complete surrender and vulnerability. Embraced by love and safety. Knocked down walls of resistance. Let go of generations of false beliefs. Allowed myself to experience every second and transformed inside out. "

- Theresa Nyguen

“I have had the opportunity to attend other retreats.... and none have compared. First and foremost, Jaime is such a dynamic, warm, loving person...her sincerity and connections to you are palpable. I felt nurtured and supported, not only by Jaime, but by Jaime’s support team."

- Cynthia Thurlow

Nestled along the picturesque shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona and our villa Sant Pere de Ribes captivates with its vibrant energy and distinctive charm. This Spanish city, set against a backdrop of architectural wonders, exudes a unique allure that combines rich history with a modern cosmopolitan flair. 

From the awe-inspiring Sagrada Família to the lively La Rambla promenade, Barcelona offers a visual feast for the senses. Delight in the warmth of the sun as you stroll through the Gothic Quarter's narrow streets, uncovering hidden gems in the form of charming cafes and boutique shops.  

Closer to our villa, luxuriate in the azure of the Mediterranean and Spanish countryside as you savor life's pleasures through cultural exploration, gastronomic delights, and the sheer expansion of laughter and sisterhood.

We’re going to fucking Spain!

There is a container of women waiting for you to step into the sunlight and start living the life you dream of. There are women who, just like you, are committed to their own healing and expansive journey and are looking to grow alongside a tribe of aligned sisters. With love, encouragement and laughter uncover your authentic expression.

That dream on your heart? It was put there for a reason.
My clients have manifested results beyond their wildest dreams and you can too. Leverage the magic of in-person connection and luxuriate in treating yourself as the portal to your greatest purpose.
Attract and magnetize your greatest desires with ease while shifting into your highest potential.



Embody that deep unshakable love, trust and confidence so that you never second guess, doubt or question your magnificence.
Receive, be, feel, and become a magnetic leader by wholeheartedly living your biggest life. Build a deep connection to yourself forged on trust, knowing and confidence in your innate power. 
YOU are your biggest source of possibility.


Quantum leap your evolution

Through a series of healing sessions dive deep into your heart, rediscover your self-worth, and reclaim your power. Unearth your unique qualities and spiritual gifts and learn to embrace your authentic self. In this safe and non-judgmental space, you’ll feel seen and held. Your infinite power starts TODAY – you don’t need to wait the fuck around to heal before you can start experiencing and living. 


what is included

Step Into a Life Beyond Limitation

1 Month of Retreat Integration After Retreat

You won’t come back the same person. Integration equips you with the tools and practices to embrace the lessons and insights from your retreat experience.

3 Months in The Quantum Queens Mastermind

Mentorship to harness the transformative power of energetics and intuitive action as you release blockages keeping you from your highest potential.

Master the Fine Art of Cooking the Perfect Vegetarian Paella

Appreciate blending flavors and textures as you work with your sisters to create a traditional Spanish dish.

Explore Barcelona and the Sagrada Familia

A full-day guided adventure into the magic of Barcelona. Witness the color, vibrancy and life-blood that pulsates the city. 

Experience the Mediterranean in Luxury on a Private Yacht

It wouldn’t be a trip to Spain without a private yacht to take in the stunning coastline with views out to sea and across the city.

2 Integration & Embodiment Days

Embodiment of your newfound frequency & mastery. I'll offer personalized support as you tackle any obstacles on your journey of growth.

Luscious Dinner in Barcelona

Barcelona is home to unforgettable gastronomic experiences and is the perfect place to enjoy local and seasonal cuisine.

2 x 1:1 Sessions with Jaime

Pleasure is your BIRTHRIGHT, Queen. Together we’ll tap in and unlock your highest abundance.


Personalized vegetarian meals made with love from a private chef to nourish your body and soul.

Luxury Accommodation with Private Room & Bathroom

Every room is idyllic and lovingly restored in this 14-bedroom, 14-bathroom villa.

Spa Treatment

Indulge in an exclusive spa treatment, where you'll experience ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

Flamenco Dancing Live Performance

Be immersed in a sensory journey of the sensual art of traditional Flamenco Dancing.

Connection & Sisterhood

The sisterhood is the powerhouse behind this retreat. Join a collective of like-minded souls who empower you to rise to your authentic truth.

Personalized Watsu Healing Session on Retreat

Deep relaxation through the gentle embrace of warm waters, aids in releasing tension, healing and tranquility.

Hear from clients themselves...

12 Month Payment Plan until AUGUST 1st


In-person 1:1 personalized support, integration and embodiment session

1 month 1:1 support 

Pay in Full



3 additional 1:1 sessions


Crack open and experience in the most raw and beautiful way

The well-rested, joyful, millionaire version of you has so much to offer the world

Frequently Asked Questions

Queen, this is LUXURY. You will have your own space and bathroom in your fucking Spanish mansion! All rooms are spacious and expansive allowing you to take a much-needed break from your busy life and to rest and reset between activities and excursions.

No, you will be responsible for flights to Barcelona, Spain and getting to the property upon arrival.

Yes, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the retreat space.

All of our retreats include vegetarian cuisine, however, we accommodate any specific needs you may have. I will be reaching out to you before the retreat to receive this information so everything is prepared beforehand.

No, this is not required for travelers to visit Spain.

Free WiFi is provided within the villa.

When you go outside of the comfort and mundane, miracles happen.

When was the last time you did something for yourself? 
Like, a full week to relax, experience and expand?
With just 8 spaces to fill, it's time to take action on your dreams.

12 Month Payment Plan until AUGUST 1st


In-person 1:1 personalized support, integration and embodiment session

1 month 1:1 support 

Pay in Full



3 additional 1:1 sessions


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